Aligned With Our Clients.

At Avenue, everything we do is in the best interest of our clients. We strive to build meaningful relationships based on trust, accountability, transparency, fairness and value. Our main priority is doing the right thing for our clients, that’s why our investment philosophy is contingent on these five principles.


We build trust and confidence by owning 100% of what our clients own. We do not sell third-party products and have full discretion over the individual securities.


Our investment managers have an open-door policy that fosters full transparency in all communications and reporting to encourage positive client relationships.


We provide value to clients not only by growing their wealth, but by providing comprehensive financial planning and acting as an independent sounding board for all your decision making. This includes connecting you to a network of trusted professionals on matters related to legal, tax and estate planning.


We are a legal fiduciary, which holds our investment team to a higher standard of accountability. To deliver on this promise, we also cut management fees in half in Avenue’s equity portfolios during down markets.


In every aspect of our business, we make decisions with integrity and treat every client equally and fairly.

Independent thought and integrity starts with independent ownership.

All our senior Portfolio Managers are CFA charterholders (Chartered Financial Analysts). We have a legal fiduciary duty to represent your best interest. We are not owned or controlled by a larger marketing-focused financial organization.

Avenue Investment Management is an independent Investment Counsellor Portfolio Manager registered in Ontario, Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan with oversight by the Securities Commissions in these provinces. (It is important to note that bank-owned brokerage firms are “self-regulated” by an organization called IIROC.)

Your account is segregated.

Your accounts will own individual securities held in your name. However, for smaller accounts, like TFSA, we have a more efficient pooled fund which replicates Avenue’s core equity portfolio.

Your account is secure.

Your account is held at NBIN (National Bank Independent Network) in your name. All investment accounts are covered by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) in the amount of $1,000,000.

Our performance is independently verified.

Avenue Investment Management claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards. (GIPS®) Independent verifiers examine performance results every quarter and annually in accordance with GIPS®. Our performance is comparable on an apples to apples basis to all major money managers in the world that subscribe to this process.

To receive a list of composite description and/or a presentation that complies with the GIPS® standards, please Contact Us


Are there any restrictions on my account or investments?

We believe it’s always your money, and you can get it when you need it. We do require 5 days written notice, but there are no fees associated with withdrawals.

Can Avenue manage my corporate account?

We can manage most any type of account for an individual, endowment or corporation. We just can’t manage US residents’ non-RSP accounts.