Financial Planning

Financial Planning

To complement the investment management process, Avenue will help you build a detailed financial plan. The purpose of a financial plan is to give clients a roadmap to help meet their financial goals. It also gives our team the insight into your financial situation so that we can make suitable asset allocation recommendations. 

Avenue utilizes financial planning software tools to analyze portfolios against a range of potential outcomes based on different variables. These variables include inflation, return expectations for stocks and bonds, taxes, income changes and more. From there, we will work together to identify the best strategy and path forward. Avenue takes care of all the heavy lifting, however, clients are required to collect information and reflect deeply about their financial goals.

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Top three questions asked:

1. Do I have enough money to retire?

2. Am I spending too much?

3. Is my withdrawal strategy tax efficient?

Common financial planning questions:

  • Is it advisable to leave my Defined Benefit Pension Plan with my employer or commute it into a LIRA?
  • At what age should I convert my RRSP or LIRA to a RRIF or LIF?
  • Will I run out of money with current spending?
  • What can I do to maximize the life of my portfolio?
  • How does early gifting to my adult children affect my retirement?
  • Based on the current size of my portfolio, how much income can I expect to generate annually?
  • At what age should I take my government benefits?
  • How does inflation impact my estate value and income needs?
  • How will downsizing impact the income I can generate?
  • How does taking more or less income in retirement years affect my estate value?
  • Is my asset allocation suitable?
  • Do I have adequate assets in place to retire immediately?

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