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Getting there together

Mitigate risk and steadily help your portfolio grow

At Avenue Investment Management, we focus on growing your portfolio through an active management strategy.

We understand that every client has unique wants and needs and has a specific appetite for risk. Our attitude is to keep risk low.

That’s why our philosophy is to focus on the long-term growth of your portfolio through asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing.

You can trust in our investment process. We perform our own rigorous research in managing your portfolio and don’t rely on outside opinion to generate returns.

100% Commitment

To demonstrate our dedication, we invest 100% of our own investment wealth alongside yours and treat your money like our own.

Our flat fee pricing model means that we are completely focused on results and don’t worry about trying to sell you as many products as possible.

When you choose Avenue, you get a direct line to the portfolio manager actually handling your money.

We encourage you to visit us, so that we may demonstrate the investment process. If you can’t make it though, we’ll come to you.

Growing your portfolio with integrity

If you don’t receive a positive return on your portfolio then we will cut our fees in half.

All of our senior portfolio management experts are CFA charter holders.

Avenue Investment Management (AIM) is a portfolio management firm based in Toronto. We are an independently owned Portfolio Manager registered in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and B.C., with oversight by the Securities Commissions in these provinces.

Mitigate risk and steadily help your portfolio grow

If you’re after accountable portfolio management that focuses on delivering solid financial returns then contact us today

Minimum relationship of $750k.