We are an independent private wealth manager, trusted fiduciary, partner-owned firm and CIPF member based in Toronto.

Welcome to Avenue Investment

We help clients achieve long-term financial stability.

At Avenue, we’re all about getting there together when it comes to our finances. Our mission is to help you compound your wealth by owning quality investments that generate returns over long periods of time. We buy high-quality investments at a reasonable price with a disciplined risk management process, complemented by a specialized tail hedging strategy. Above everything, we always put our clients first and hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability in the industry.

We are an independent firm led by true independent thought and research, which has allowed us to successfully navigate various market cycles for the past 20 years. We are not limited by a corporate agenda or incentivized to gather assets and sell products. Instead, the Avenue team is fully invested alongside our clients and treats every investor as an equal partner in our shared success.

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Two core principles drive our decision-making process.

First, how do we achieve desirable long-term investment results with as little risk as possible? Second, what is best for our clients? In doing so, we have been able to provide superior value to our clients and build relationships based on trust, accountability, fairness and transparency.

We are quality investors.

Our investment approach is a blend of quality value and quality growth investing. We believe quality investing is the sweet spot that blends the best of the two, leaving the worst behind. That’s why we are focused on buying high-quality businesses at a fair price.

Investment Management & Financial Planning

At Avenue, our core investment strategy is an all-weather strategy that is designed to compound our client’s wealth over the long term. We believe that owning high-quality businesses are the best investments to own. Our investment approach also includes a tail hedging strategy that offers enhanced downside protection. This allows clients to remain invested comfortably throughout an entire market cycle.


Bryden Teich on BNN Market Call – January 12, 2018
Bryden Teich on BNN Market Call – January 12, 2018

Bryden was on BNN’s Market Call for the first time and gave his top picks! View the segment here.

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Paul Gardner on BNN The Street – Dec 18, 2017
Paul Gardner on BNN The Street – Dec 18, 2017

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Paul Gardner on BNN Market Call – Nov 29, 2017
Paul Gardner on BNN Market Call – Nov 29, 2017

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