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Our core investment strategy is designed to compound your wealth over the long term. Avenue believes that predictable “quality” investments are the safest route. This gives us the highest probability of producing a consistent rate of return with the least amount of risk, regardless of the market environment.

We achieve this by owning high-quality companies across diversified sectors that are 1) purchased at a sensible price, 2) generate consistent income streams and 3) earn good returns on invested capital.

Avenue Core Equity Portfolio

The Avenue Core Equity Portfolio invests primarily in high-quality equity securities of global companies that are publicly traded on stock exchanges in Canada and the United States.

The objective of the portfolio is to achieve long-term capital growth but with lower risk or volatility than the stock market indexes. Each portfolio will have exposure to Avenue’s Tail Hedge Strategy.

Why Choose
Avenue Investment?

  • We build trust and confidence by owning 100% of what our clients own. We do not sell third-party products and have full discretion over individual securities.

  • We are a legal fiduciary that holds our investment team to a higher standard of accountability. To deliver on this promise, we also cut management fees in half in Avenue’s equity portfolios during down markets.

  • Our investment managers have an open-door policy that fosters full transparency in all communications and reporting to encourage positive client relationships.

  • In every aspect of our business, we make decisions with integrity and ensure that every one of our clients is treated equally with fairness and respect. 

  • We provide unmatched value to our clients by not only growing their wealth, but by providing comprehensive financial planning and acting as an independent advisor for all of their decision making. We also connect them to a network of trusted professionals on matters related to legal, tax and estate planning.

We are quality investors.

Our investment approach is a blend of quality value and quality growth investing. We believe quality investing is the sweet spot that blends the best of the two, leaving the worst behind. That’s why we are focused on buying high-quality businesses at a fair price.

At Avenue Investment Management, we are independent private wealth managers.

Allow us to help you achieve long-term financial stability.

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